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HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) is a standardized Chinese state level proficiency test to measure the proficiency of Chinese for non-native speakers. It is full scholarship and aims at encouraging and financing the excellent examinees to pursue their study of courses as Chinese language, literature, history, philosophy, economics, arts. The China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as the CSC) takes charge of the applications for and management of the scholarship.

1. The duration of the scholarship
The duration of the HSK Winner Scholarship Program is 1 year

2. The details of the scholarship
1). Full scholarship: tuition
medical care These four are appropriated to the institution.
learning material
living allowance: Given to the students per month by the institution,
the standard is 1,100 CNY yuan per month:
2). Applicants shall bear their own expenses for international trip.

3. Qualifications of the applicants
1). Applicants must be of non-Chinese nationality
2). ApplicantsĄŻ native languages are not Chinese
3). Applicants must have obtained the Certificate of Chinese Proficiency
4). Applicants must have obtained the academic credentials higher than high school diploma and must be under the age of 45.

4. Submission of application materials
1). Qualified applicants shall fill out the Application Form for HSK Winner Scholarship Program (one original, one photocopy).
2). Submission of the following materials
a. highest diploma (notarized photocopy)
b. Physical Examination Record for Foreigner (Photocopy)
c. Certificate of Chinese Proficiency Test (photocopy)
d. transcript of HSK test (photocopy)
Applicants shall submit the above materials to the Chinese embassy (consulate) which will transfer to the CSC by May 15th, 2001, or the applicants can direct send the application materials to the CSC before the deadline.

5. The approval of the scholarship
Processed by the CSC and enrolled by the institution, the CSC, by July 31st 2001, will send the Instrument of Ratification of HSK Winner Scholarship Program, Admission Notice and Visa Application for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China (JW201) to the Chinese embassy (consulate) or send direct to the candidates.

6. The handling of visa to China, verification of physical examination and residence in China
1). Scholarship holders shall bear general passport to apply for the X visa or F visa with the original copies of Admission Notice, Visa Application for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China and Physical Examination Record for Foreigner to the Chinese embassy (consulate) and register in China with the original forms of the above documents.
2). After registering in the institution, scholarship holders shall, with their passports and the original form of Physical Examination Record for Foreigner, go through the procedures of verification of their physical examination at the local quarantine office.
3). Scholarship holders shall apply within 30 days of arrival in China for the residency permit to the local police authority with their passports, Admission Notice, Visa Application for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China and the Certificate of Verification of Physical Examination Record for Foreigner.



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